What is air conditioned coffin ?

                    What is air conditioned coffin ?

 Air conditioned coffin ,also called body ice box or display coffin, which is

used for body cooling and display mourning on funeral. This coffin is very

popular used in Chinese funeral customs among many overseas Chinese

customers from  Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia  



Except display function and outward appearance, It is similar to mortuary

freezer ,it also similar to coffin,because people use it for body cooling,

body display ,mourning and  broadcast  dirge on funeral .


1. Strong Danfoss compressor system
2. The cover is made of one-piece of PC endurance board,clear to display,

     low temperature - resistant ,
3. Electronic temperature control system,digital display temperature
4. With casters which is easy and convenient to remove
5. Mp3 audio device plays dirge

6. Reuses many many times.


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