Body Bag


Stock of 2000pcs Non-Woven-Fabric Funeral Body bag


A body bag, also known as a cadaver bag, mortuary bag, cadaver bag or human remains pouch, is used for the storage and transportation of dead body bag. Generally speaking, the material of Dead body bag is PEVA, PVC, PP woven, Non-woven or other heavy duty fabrics. All sizes of human remains body bag can be customized.The dead body bag also called cadaver bag, corpse bag, or mortuary body bag, is an indispensable shipping tool for funeral homes, hospitals, firefighting, public security and other units in order to respect the deceased.  



Waterproof, moistureproof and leakproof, blocking odor

Eco-friendly fabric, degradable

High quality nylon zipper

Neat line and high tightness

Waterproof  zipper

Hot-Sealed edges


     Material: Non-Woven Fabric
     Size: 220*85cm
     no  handles
     U zipper

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